Translating is like running
the second leg in a relay

You know you're not the fastest, or the best around the curve,
but you're there to do what you do best:
receive and pass the baton, keeping to your team's times.

about me

Hi, I’m Silvia and I live and work in Italy. I specialise in sports, thanks to my expertise and experience gained while studying (I have a degree in Sports Science, with a focus on marketing) and working – as an instructor, teacher, trainer and athlete. My biggest passion has always been archery , closely followed by running, rugby and swimming.

Alternative medicine, natural therapies and holistic approaches to well-being have intrigued and interested me ever since the dawn of the new age in medicine. Since 2007 I have been working with the Institute of Natural Medicine in Urbino, planning and promoting of events, managing social media content and organising training courses.

My passion for translation came later in my career, driven by my desire to keep up to date with trends and news in science and sports—where English is the universal language. This development in my career is also thanks to the wonderful input of two colleagues to whom I am eternally grateful: Nadia Bruscolini and Isabella Blum. Translation and copywriting have been the core of my business since 2014.

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Sono entusiasta della collaborazione con Silvia per la traduzione dei nostri manuali: la sua spiccata attenzione ad ogni dettaglio, in particolar modo alla contestualizzazione di informazioni spesso riferite a realtà straniere, e le competenze eclettiche fanno di lei una collaboratrice preziosa.
Melania Tizzi, Ufficio Produzione / Ufficio Copyright | Macro Gruppo Editoriale | Bis srl

Silvia did a stellar job translating my website texts. She injected her wonderful creativity into the project and made all the subtle adjustments necessary to ensure my texts would be effective with my target audience. She is friendly, professional, a great communicator and a true pleasure to work with.
Janie Ledlie, owner of KeyTranslating

I work with Silvia any necessary translation in Italian. I am very pleased with the collaboration. I recommend!
Alexandru Badan

Professional, responsive and attentive to detail. I look forward to working with Silvia again.
Justin Bonsey, freelance translator

The Rosetta Foundation relies on a community of volunteer translators, providing access to information across languages on Silvia has enthusiastically participated as a volunteer translator on Trommons and we’re very grateful for her help.
The Rosetta Foundation